Jason Wu journey

Top:  Jason Wu for Target

Skirt:  Ann Taylor

Shoes:  Ann Taylor perfect pumps

Necklace/Bracelets:  Claire’s/F21

Belt:  Old Navy

Approx cost of total outfit:  $60 (plus another $60 for the shoes)


((I seriously need to take pictures with a real camera!!))

I searched high and low and went to 5 different Targets to find some Jason Wu items.  I first found this blush top, tried it on, and really liked it… just to notice a huge tear in the material near the buttons.  That was the only one at that Target so I walked away empty handed.  I found the navy/polka dot top at the next Target and LOVED it.  Bought it, took it home and put it on to admire it again but when I did, one of the snap buttons popped right off!  Argh!  I took it to my tailors the next day and they said that it was not fixable due to the way it broke off.  They could replace it and blah blah blah but I just didn’t want it anymore.  So, I returned it due to the defect.  After the SA looked it up in the computer, this navy top was out of stock in our entire area.  Argh!  3 Targets later, I found this blush top that I originally started my Jason Wu journey with at a different Target and all is well with the world again.  There were no rips or tears in this one so it’s a keeper.  I also bought a dress and another top that I am debating whether or not to keep….

J Crew necklace — wow!

Top:  Loft Outlet

Skirt:  Loft (via ebay)

Necklace:  J Crew (via ebay)

shoes:  Ann Taylor patent pumps (via ebay)

Approx cost of total outfit:  $30 ($50 for the pumps)


I’ve seen this J Crew necklace all over blogland and I really, really wanted it.  So, onto ebay I went and got this sucker for $12 shipped!  Sure, it might be a “fake” but I don’t care.  I have never owned such a statement piece before and I love it.  It comes in a variety of colors but I chose black just to be safe…. and I couldn’t be happier.  Also, the skirt here is just perfect with it’s heavier weight and full lining.  For $5, this ebay purchase makes me just giddy.  I love the front pockets!

{I’ve decided that I don’t really look this short in real life.  The angle of the pics are from me holding my arm up and pointing down… this makes my legs look stumpier and my skirts look longer than they really are.   The skirts I wear are usually right around knee length — not any longer than that.}

Black and Brown

Top:  Loft Outlet

Cardigan:  Target

Pants:  Loft

Belt:  Ralph Lauren via Goodwill

Necklace:  Claire’s

Shoes:  Target

Approx cost of total outfit:  $50


Was out of town all last week so couldn’t post any pics but I hope to be back regularly now.  I used to be afraid to wear brown and black together but nowadays, who the heck cares?  I think the stripes in the top help to bring together the brown cardi with the black pants (hard to see, but the stripes are black and tannish/grayish color).  These pants are in the Scuba fabric and I really like the weight of them.  Now, I’m trying to find a Scuba skirt (cheaply).


Floral top:  Old Navy

Sweater:  Old Navy via Goodwill

Pants:  JC Penney

Shoes:  Ann Taylor

Necklace:  Claire’s

Approx cost of total outfit:  $30 not including the shoes  (and the shoes were a steal at $55)


So, this is a mish-mash of different patterns going on here but I really dig it.  There are floral, stripes, and leopard prints.  Definitely not something I would’ve put together a few months ago before I found all the wonderful fashion blogs out there.  You guys are great in opening our eyes to great fashion ideas!


Chambray top:  Old Navy

Blazer jacket:  Loft Outlet

Skirt:  Loft Outlet

Boots:  Target

Belt:  Ralph Lauren via Goodwill


How do you guys do it in the winter?  I just can’t get myself to put on my good AT pumps when it’s 30 degrees outside or if it’s raining or snowing.  Boots are so much more comfy for me, although not as “professional” as pumps, but sometimes comfort/warmth wins.

Warm and cozy

Top:  sweater set by Motto via QVC Outlet

Scarf:  Coldwater Creek

Pin:  Loft Outlet

Pants:  JC Penney

Approx cost of total outfit:  $40


This is the first time I’ve worn a pin with a scarf.  I liked it but didn’t like it at the same time.  I guess it’ll have to grow on me.  I, however, absolutely love this sweater set I got from QVC.    Just love the simple-while-being-somewhat-chunky look that it gives. :)

I now just need a horse…

Top:  Old Navy

Cardigan:  NY & Co

Skirt:  Loft Outlet

Belt:  Ralph Lauren via Goodwill

Boots:  Target

Necklace:  JC Penney

Approx cost of total outfit:  $30 (with the boots!)


I love these boots.  I had the exact same pair in a cognac color first and loved them so much that I wanted to get a black pair — they were just around $10 on super sale.  Yay.  I feel very Kentucky Derby-ish for some reason in this get up and all I’m missing is my horse. :)

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