Black is safe… and AT Perfect Pumps review

So, here is a pretty easy outfit since it’s 1) black and 2) a dress…

Dress:  Ann Taylor (via Goodwill)

Skinny belt:  Goodwill

Cardigan:  Loft Outlet

Tights:  TJ Maxx

Shoes:  Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps**

Necklace:  Forever 21

Bracelet:  Made by me 🙂

Approx cost of total outfit:  $25 (not including the shoes)**


Ok, so let’s not include the cost of these shoes in any of my outfits, okay?  Ok.  🙂  After finding petite fashion blogs online, and seeing the rave reviews of the AT Perfect Pumps, I just had to try them out.  I have NEVER had a good basic pair of black leather pumps EVER.  Sure, I’ve bought some and worn some before but they were either too this or not enough that.  So, after doing research, I decided to take the plunge and invest in the AT pumps.  I wear a size 5 in dress shoes and let me tell you what a pain it is to find size 5 shoes in stores.  Even Ann Taylor doesn’t carry them in the stores but they do online.  So, long story short, I ordered them and when they arrived last week, I wasn’t wow’d right away.  Here is my review on the AT pumps:


*Love the heel height and profile of the shoe!  At around 3.5″ high, the heel height is great for work.  The rounded toe is nice and not “intrusive” to the eye like a pointed toe is.

*Nice quality construction with great leather, etc.


*Poo, still a bit big on me.  I have to use insoles at the ball of the shoe and at the heels.  I was hoping these would fit perfectly like it has for so many others.  Also, I don’t have super wide feet but they are definitely not very slender around the toe area and the shoes seem to be made for more slender feet.

*The price.  After using available discounts, I got these shoes for right around $100.  That is the most I’ve paid ever for a pair of pumps.  I know that others have gotten them for less but sometimes I’m just a bit impatient to wait and wait and wait for something I want.

After much debate within my head about whether or not to keep them, I finally decided to keep them.  After I compared them with the other 2 pairs of black pumps I had in my closet (which are ultra pointy-toed and super uncomfortable), it was a no-brainer that these AT Perfect Pumps are worth the investment.


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