Lime green/yellow… or is it grellow?

Top:  Loft

Cardigan:  Old Navy

Pants:  Loft

Belt:  Ann Taylor

Shoes:  Loft

Approx cost of total outfit:  $40 + $45 for the shoes


I normally try to avoid wearing yellow so that my yellow undertones in my skin don’t get weird looking… but I’m really attracted to this “grellow” color.  I like how bright and vibrant it is especially during these winter months.

I look rather skinny in this outfit for whatever reason and I love it!  I haven’t had any soda in a week so maybe that’s why.

****After wearing them today for the first time, I decided to sell these shoes… 4″ is just too high for me.   Let me know if you want them for $45 shipped.  Here is the link to them at Loft


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