My pants really don’t look that bad.. haha

Top:  Loft Outlet

Sweater:  Old Navy

Pants:  JC Penney

Shoes:  Rack Room

Necklace/Bracelet:  Claire’s

Approx cost of total outfit:  $40


I promise, my pants really don’t look that big and crappy in real life.  I guess the angle of taking pictures via mirror reflection via camera phone contorts reality sometimes (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway)… wahahaaa!


Lime green/yellow… or is it grellow?

Top:  Loft

Cardigan:  Old Navy

Pants:  Loft

Belt:  Ann Taylor

Shoes:  Loft

Approx cost of total outfit:  $40 + $45 for the shoes


I normally try to avoid wearing yellow so that my yellow undertones in my skin don’t get weird looking… but I’m really attracted to this “grellow” color.  I like how bright and vibrant it is especially during these winter months.

I look rather skinny in this outfit for whatever reason and I love it!  I haven’t had any soda in a week so maybe that’s why.

****After wearing them today for the first time, I decided to sell these shoes… 4″ is just too high for me.   Let me know if you want them for $45 shipped.  Here is the link to them at Loft


Top:  Loft

Pants:  Liz Claiborne

Shoes:  Payless (aren’t they cute?)

Necklace:  Forever 21


Is it so wrong to color coordinate?  I see a lot of pops of color with neutrals these days but sometimes it’s okay to go back to basics … my pants happen to match the camel color sweater stripes so bam!  An instant outfit.

Late this morning

So, this must have been the 10th outfit I put on this morning before work… why does it take so long to figure out what goes with what?  Geez.  🙂


Top:  Liz Claiborne

Skirt:  Ann Taylor via Goodwill

Shoes:  Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps

Scarf:  NY street vendor 🙂

Necklace/Bracelets:  F21/Claire’s

Approx cost of total outfit:  $30 (not including the shoes)


I definitely need to skim down the clothes in my closet.  There is stuff that I just haven’t worn in years so why keep any of it?  Maybe this will help me save time in the mornings in figuring out what to wear!

Patent Pumps

Lord, help me… I just bought an almost new pair of Ann Taylor Patent Perfect Pumps for $50 shipped!

Pink gingham and blue

Saw this gingham shirt on another blogger, Sydney, at and when I came across it at Old Navy, I just had to pick it up.  I normally would’ve walked right by it as I don’t wear a lot of pink or gingham, but I knew that it could look awesome as Sydney had dressed it up so why not… and it was marked down to only stinkin’ $6!!

Pink Gingham Top:  Old Navy

Navy Sweater:  Old Navy

Pants:  JC Penney

Shoes:  Target wedges — love!

Necklace/bracelets:  Claire’s

Approx cost of total outfit:  $30


This is a comfortable and work appropriate outfit… I would never have ever thought about wearing this pink shirt under a blue sweater but I’ve been paying more attention to the mixing and matching that we can do with fashion and all you bloggers out there are wonderful at providing the inspiration to try something new.

Take 2

Ok, so I had worn something else to work today, didn’t feel quite comfortable in how it looked, and went home at lunch to change.  Anyone else ever do that?  This is my 2nd outfit I settled on for the rest of the afternoon.

Top:  Loft outlet

Cardigan:  Old Navy

Tweed Pants:  Coldwater Creek

Skinny Belt:  Talbot’s via Goodwill

Bracelet: random yard sale

Necklace:  Claire’s

Shoes:  Payless (the best oxfords)

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